Style Sassy Boutique launched 10/2014.  


Style Sassy Boutique was birthed out of my love of fashion and my love for church. While church is known for being very fashionable,  it didn't cater to the type of style that I wanted for myself.  I was not a "suit wearing, big hat wearing type of person". That was just not my style.  Some would consider my fashion style too edgy or different (for church goers). I initially tried to fit in to what was the norm for church, but decided this was not me and not my style. I like a little "off the shoulder" action or "at the knee" length items, that was my thing. Listen, I knew I was not the only one like this which is why I started Style - Sassy - Boutique. 

Yes, you can be saved and show your shoulders.  



StyleSassy Boutique

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